Adventure, Romance & Luxury Travel Agent

"Memories Last a Lifetime"

Specializing in Adventure, Romance and Luxury Travel.

Experiences in life is what it is all about. Material things come and go but, a memory lasts a lifetime. 

Working with the top travel companies in the world to achieve that once in a life time bucket list experience.  

From discovering the best destination weddings , honeymoon, vow renewal, anniversary, babymoons and group travel locations around the world.  

How I got started

 I got hooked on travel many years ago while grade 5 doing a project on Australia. Then in high school traveling to Rochester New York and Montreal. Since then I have traveled to many of the islands in the Caribbean, Mexico and Hong Kong/Macau . In January 2018 I am traveling to Thailand and Bejing.  

Top Destinations

 It is so hard for me to choose my top one as the each of the islands in the Caribbean have captured my heart. A few of my tops would be St. Lucia, San Andes and St Thomas.The people that live on these islands are amazing. They welcomed us with open arms and wanted to learn as much about me and where I am from to me learning about them.